Renewable energy

Company “Method Energy” offers services in designing, equipment supply and installation works of renewable energy systems such as: Photovoltaic (PV) systems, Wind systems, Biomass systems and other. Additionally, we offer services and support during acquisition of necessary permits and documents.

Concept to solution

There are two big projects behind us. Method Energy is starting work in this field on a project of photovoltaic solar panels at the “Fruske Terme” in 2019. The company continues to work on another large project in Novi Sad at the Milan Petrović special school.

Turnkey projects are our advantage over the company’s competitors.

In general, the project consists of several stages. Obtaining documentation and necessary permits, accurate calculations when creating an original business plan, electrical project design, assembly circuit drawings and the assembly of electrical panels, frequency regulators and their interconnection into a meaningful whole.

Increasingly, there is a need with renewable energy resources, in order to preserve the global hygiene of the planet earth as well as personal contribution to changing the consciousness of the human race.

Concept to solution3
Concept to solution2
Concept to solution


Cooperation of our company with foreign and domestic companies is our key point.


Project success
The efficiency of our work is reflected in the realization of projects within deadline.


The company’s philosophy is reflected in satisfied employees. Be a part of us!


Worldwide clients
International work in the field of industrial applications is our advantage.
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Better home technology

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